MMI's (Multiple Mini Interviews)

MMI's (Multiple Mini Interviews)



Interviews play a key part in the medicine and dentistry application process. Having been successful in obtaining a great score in your BMAT/UKAT and standing out with a strong personal statement, the final step to being offered a place will be how well you perform in your interview.

For many students this will be where you can make the most impact as it is the only part of the process which is face to face with the decision makers. It will be crucial for you to be prepared so that you can make an impact on the interviewer.

At Apply4Uni we realise how difficult and daunting this process can be, so we have put together this 1.5 hour webinar to give you some vital tools to ace this process. We will give an overview of MMI's:- which stations can come up, how to prepare for them, top tips to ensure you stand out and the mistakes to avoid when at these stations. We will also be talking about panel interviews and how to prepare for those. In addition we have students who excelled in their interviews who will be sharing their experiences and giving you some excellent advice. 


  • Vital knowledge on the MMI Stations.
  • Expert advice on Interview techniques.
  • The common mistakes to avoid in your interviews.
  • Top tips by current students


Lucy Scott

Lucy is currently studying medicine at Keele University. After completing a BA in Philosophy at Exeter University in 2010, Lucy travelled and lived overseas, settling in New Zealand for two years before returning to the UK. She then spent a year and a half undertaking healthcare related work in preparation for going back to study to become a Doctor (a dream she could not let go of.) Her healthcare background and her degree in Philosophy gave her an edge in her interviews in which she excelled. She will be talking about the dreaded MMI stations and how to think critically when applying to med school.  

Lily Colton

Lily is studying dentistry at  Barts and the London. Now commencing her third year, she feels that applying for dental school was the best decision she has ever made. Dentistry is such an exciting course and taking on roles at university such as becoming the dental lead for the new women in medicine society has made university all the more rewarding for her. Applying for dentistry can certainly be stressful so she is extremely excited to share what she learnt during the process with you all!

Suraj Shah

Suraj is currently in his third year studying Dentistry at Barts and the London. Applying for dentistry is extremely tough and can seem complicated. Suraj has worked as a student ambassador and speaks to many students about the application process and he is looking forward to giving you an overview of his journey as well as his top tips when making an application to dental school.  

Gabriella Wilks

Gabriella is currently studying medicine at Barts and the London (Queen Mary University of London). She is about to enter her third year and is one of the course representatives. She has a keen interest in Paediatrics. She completed the IB diploma in 2018 with higher levels in Biology, Chemistry and Psychology. She excelled in her application to med school and will not only be sharing her experiences of the admissions process, but will be giving you some great tips and useful resources to help you achieve your goal of getting into med school!



Available Dates:

Tuesday 09th November 2021 18:00

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